10 Best Parks in New York City

10 Best Parks in New York City (10 to 6) New York City parks are unique in their own ways.  […]
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10 Best Parks in New York City (10 to 6)

New York City parks are unique in their own ways.  Here are our top parks in NYC and some fun facts about them.

10. Fort Tryon Park. Spectacular, historic and scenic landmark in Washington Heights. The park was an ancillary site of the American Revolutionary War, Battle of Fort Washington in 1776.  Full of history and well worth the trip to the north end of the city!

9. Hudson River Park.  The second biggest part in Manhattan after Central Park at 550 acres.  Take a stroll along this waterside park and stop by Battery Park, the piers or the World Trade Center site.

8. Gramercy Park.  One of the city’s two privately owned parks.  Located in the Gramercy neighborhood of Manhattan, this park is open to few.  Residents living in buildings that face the park may buy a key to the park.  And members of the Players Club and the National Arts Club, the Calvary Church, and guests of the Gramercy Park Hotel have key access.  If you know someone with this special key, which is changed annually, take a look.  The characters of the Woody Allen film Manhattan Murder Mystery comment on its beauty.

7. Union Square.  A historic intersection where Broadway and 4th Avenue came together in the early 19th century. Noted on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and a U.S. National Historic Landmark.  This park is filled with statues from George Washington to Abe to Gandhi.  Make sure you check out the Greenmarket Farmers Market held Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, year round.

6. Riverside Park.  This Upper West Side park has great bike routes and is beautiful in the springtime.  This park is also quite a filming destination. Have you seen “The Frogger” episode of Seinfeld, where Jerry does not want to go near his girlfriend’s apartment near Riverside Park, because a serial killer named “The Lopper” killed in this area. Also, the promenade at 91st street in the park is where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan finally meet in the movie You’ve Got Mail.

You’ve Got Mail Riverside Park Video

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