10 Best Rainy Day Ideas in New York City

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It is constantly raining in NYC this summer and only in New York do 100s of umbrella salesmen appear on the streets seemingly from thin air.  A good rain in Manhattan can put a damper on your vacation or day of exploring the city.  You do not have to sit in your apartment or hotel due to the weather, explore one of these 10 options:

10. Grand Central Terminal42nd St and Park Avenue.  Much more than a train station this terminal includes shopping, the Grand Central Market, and many restaurants from casual to fine dining.  Take one of the available guided tours or roam around yourself.  You will recognize the clock in the 80,000 square-foot Main Concourse from the movies.  While in the Main Concourse look up to see the astronomical mural on the ceiling.  The mural, containing 2,500 stars, is by far the largest painting I have ever seen.  SeeNew York City’s Top 10 Tourist Traps

9.  Museum of Modern Art11 West 53rd Street between 5th and 6th. (closed Tuesdays) Are you a fan of Dali, Picasso, or Warhol? MoMA is the place for you.  See modern art including architecture and design, prints and illustrated books, drawings, painting and sculpture, and media and performance art.  See: New York City’s 10 Best Museums

8.  Metropolitan Museum of New York. 1000 5th Avenue. (closed Mondays)  The Met always has a temporary exhibit that is of interest along with their permanent collection.  They contain one of the largest Arms and Armor collections in the world, my personal favorite.  See: New York City’s 10 Best Museums

7.  Go to the New York public library or bookstore.  Reading is a great pastime when the weather is not on your side.  NYC bookstores include Strand Book Store (located at the corner of 12th Street and Broadway), Barnes and Nobles located throughout the city.  SeeNYC’s 10 Best Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

6.  Try a new restaurant or cuisine.  Sure you can go to a great Italian or French restaurant but NYC has so much more to offer.  There are plenty of Indian, African, Brazilian, Asian, and many other cuisines available from cheap to ridiculously expensive.  Search for the perfect restaurant using the NYC Restaurant Guide.

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