NYC’s 10 Best Buffalo Wings & Chicken Wings

NYC’s 10 Best Buffalo Wings & Chicken Wings If you really want to eat good Buffalo wings and chicken wings, […]
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NYC’s 10 Best Buffalo Wings & Chicken Wings

If you really want to eat good Buffalo wings and chicken wings, you need to come the restaurant when they are not crowded so the chef can put his full attention into your meal.  Chicken wings can be hit & miss if the place is crowded and orders are rushed.  Note, during wing specials, many places use smaller inferior quality chicken wings.

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Georgia’s Eastside BBQ192 Orchard Street Between Houston & Stanton, Lower East Side.  Georgia’s Eastside BBQ is known for their BBQ ribs, however I prefer their great BBQ chicken wings and Sampson style wings.  The BBQ wings are simply the Sampson style wings with sauce.  Their chicken wings are not fried like traditional buffalo wings but instead char-grilled.  Grilled wings are healthier and have an additional flavor from the grill that cannot be replicated in the fryer.  Order their perfectly seasoned collard greens along with the wings for a perfect healthy meal.

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Atomic Wings9 locations in New York City.  Find locations on their website at  Atomic Wings made the list of best chicken wings in New York City for two reasons.  1. Convenience – They are located throughout Manhattan and serve up wings quickly and efficiently, more like a fast food restaurant.  They also deliver.  2. Good deal – For New York City standards their wings are actually pretty tasty and cheap.  Whatever you order, stay away from their boneless variety called Buffalo chicken fingers.  They taste and appear highly processed and are worse than McDonald’s chicken nuggets.  Stick with their standard Buffalo wings, they are decent sized and contain a good portion of meat.  I like their insane sauces, I love hot wings.

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Wildwood BBQ225 Park Avenue South at 18th Street, Midtown.  The best boneless wings in Manhattan.  If you do not like getting messy eating regular buffalo wings and boneless chicken wings are your cup of tea, then come to Wildwood BBQ.  They have three flavor options, a dry rub, chipolte BBQ, and Frank’s Red Hot sauce.  Also serve an excellent spicy Caribbean jerk wing.  Good selection of sides including mac and cheese, creamed spinach, collard greens, baked beans, grilled corn on the cob, and more.

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Croxley Ales28 Avenue B, between 2nd St & 3rd Street, East Village.  Croxley is packed with the college crowd during their famous 10¢ and 20¢ buffalo wings specials including $4 pints of beer.  Come Mondays and Wednesdays after 5 pm for 10¢ buffalo wings, 20¢ wings all day on Sunday, and 20¢ wings from noon to 5:00 pm on Saturday.  Yes the wings are small but for this cheap you cannot go wrong.  Also a good NYC sports bar to catch a World Cup Soccer Match or other sporting event.  See: NYC’s 10 Best Sports Bars to Watch the Super Bowl

6.  Tebaya144 West 19th Street, between 6th & 7th Avenue, Chelsea.  Chicken wings Japanese style.  Still deep fried like Buffalo chicken wings, but with a  sweet coating including black pepper and sesame seed.  Order as few as 8 chicken wings alone or as a combo meal.  The largest order on the menu is 50 pieces of chicken wings.  Not in the mood for wings and want a sandwich?  I highly recommend the Katsu sandwich which is made with chicken and miso sauce. Wings only, no drumsticks.

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Mad For Chicken.  2 Locations in New York Cirty: 314 5th Avenue, Second Floor, between 31st & 32nd Streets, Midtown West. 157-18 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, Queens.  A good chicken wing option, especially for the Midtown lunch crowd.  They use young chickens that have been raised naturally, with no hormones or antibiotics and are fried in non-hydrogenated oil.  The wings are super crispy  covered in one of three sauces that are soy based mixed with fruit and spices.  I prefer the 50/50 mix of soy garlic and hot & spicy sauce.  Choose all wings, drumsticks, or both. 

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