New York City’s 10 Best Bagel Shops

New York City’s 10 Best Bagel Shops If you have never tried a NYC bagel, they are not what you […]
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New York City’s 10 Best Bagel Shops

If you have never tried a NYC bagel, they are not what you typically buy from a bagel chain bakery or from the grocery store.  Most good NYC bagels are somewhat larger, lighter, less dense, and have a crispy outer crust.  New York bagels taste the best bought soon after they come out of the oven and are warm.  Therefore, toasting is not necessary or offered from most of the best NYC bagel shops.  Ask the bagel shop employee how fresh they are and only buy the freshest flavor (plain, everything, wheat, blueberry, etc.) from the oven.  Add cream cheese, lox, an egg, vegetables, sliced meat, or flavored cream cheese to your bagel to complete lunch or breakfast.  Always try to buy fresh, and don’t buy bagels to eat the next day.  They do not keep well, will harden, and lose flavor quickly.

10.  Terrace Bagels224 Prospect Park W, Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Ranks alongside Absolute Bagel as the best bagel in Brooklyn.  Don’t worry the bagel toasting police don’t hang out here, if you want it toasted they will do it unlike many of the best bagel shops in NYC.  They also have the best coffee of any bagel shop hands down.

9.  Russ & Daughters179 E Houston Street, LES.  Bagels here are originally made from a supplier in Brooklyn.  The real treat here is the lox.  It is the best lox in New York City with over 10 varieties available.  Also have other smoked fish, caviar, Jewish desserts like babka and halvah, and pickled herring.  Russ & Daughters is a one of a kind store in the US offering the highest quality smoked fish and specialty foods in NYC.

8.  Times Square Bagels. 200 West 44th Street, Times Square Midtown.  Located in the heart of Times Square.  These bagels are always fresh and delicious.  They are also very generous with their cream cheese; so if you are not a big fan of cream cheese make sure you tell them to go easy.  You may run into long lines, but it is well worth it!  They also deliver with a minimum $5 purchase.

7.  Bagel Bob’s on York. 1638 York Avenue, Upper East Side.  There are other Bagel Bob’s but this is the one to visit and is the best bagel shop in the Upper East Side. Variety is the word to describe Bagel Bob’s with 16 types of handmade bagels, a huge salad section, and meats and cheeses for bagel sandwiches.

6.  Kossar’s Bialys367 Grand Street, Lower East Side.  This bakery is famous for it bailys for over 65 years.  In the late 90s they decided to perfect high quality hand made bagels.  Use malt syrup instead of sugar and bagels are boiled following traditional preparing methods.  Best bagel bakery in the LES.

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