10 Best Pastrami Sandwiches in Manhattan, New York City

10 Best Pastrami Sandwiches in Manhattan (10 to 6) Pastrami sandwiches are a staple in New York City and have […]
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10 Best Pastrami Sandwiches in Manhattan (10 to 6)

Pastrami sandwiches are a staple in New York City and have a rich NY history dating back to the people of Eastern Europe and Russia who settled lower Manhattan.

Eat the best sandwich in New York City at one of these fine delis listed below.  New York City Pastrami sandwiches are traditionally served hot on rye with mustard.  Some claim this is the only way to eat a pastrami sandwich.  Other versions of pastrami sandwiches include the Reuben sandwich, combination sandwiches adding pastrami with another meat, and even pastrami burgers.  While it is uncommon some like to add sliced cheese.  Annie Hall ate hers on white bread with mayonnaise, tomato, and lettuce.

10.  Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop. 174 5th Ave (between 22nd and 23rd in the Flatiron District).  Around since 1929, this sandwich shop still has the old feel and decor.  This is the best pastrami sandwich for the value at about half the price as Katz’s and Carnegie Deli’s pastrami sandwiches.

9.  Sarge’s Deli. 548 3rd Ave (between 36th and 37th St).  A 24 hour deli well known in the Murray Hill district.  Specialties besides the standard hot pastrami sandwich includes a pastrami omelette, pastrami plate, pastrami combo sandwiches, and Deli Wellington (corned beef-pastrami-potato in a puff pastry).

8.  Zabar’s. 2245 Broadway (Upper West Side between 80th and 81st).  Zabar’s is a gourmet food market and kosher deli.  Be sure to ask for a fresh cut pastrami sandwich not a prepackaged one.

7. Pastrami Queen. 1125 Lexington Ave # 2 (78th St). Located in the Upper East Side, their kosher pastrami is one of the best.

6. Barney Greengrass541 Amsterdam Avenue (86th St). They are known for their lox and other fish but make great pastrami sandwiches.

10 Best Pastrami Sandwiches in Manhattan (5 to 1)

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