10 Best Gyros and Shawarma in New York City

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NYC’s 10 Best Gyros and Shawarma

Rafiqi’s Cart. 44th Street and 5th Avenue, Midtown East. Superb gyros in Midtown where the meat is tender and flavorful. Order your onions sauteed or crisp, and top it off with their white and red sauces.  The line may be long, but it goes fast and it will be the best $5 you spend in quite some time.

Sammy’s Halal Cart. West 4th Avenue at Broadway, NoHo, Greenwich Village. Competitive with the 53rd and 6th Halal Cart (our #2 best gyro spot), but Sammy’s does not have the long lines, and the gyros are flavorful and will not disappoint.  The gyros are loaded with meat, fresh and mouthwatering.  They have more spices than other spots which makes them distinctive.

Spartan Souvlaki. 6824 8th Avenue, Brooklyn. A sit down place with indoor and outdoor tables where you can grab a large Greek gyro plate.  The entrees are loaded and the price is right.  You definitely get your moneys worth here.

Jimmy’s Spot Food Cart. 2nd Avenue and 47th Street, Midtown East. Huge, delicious gyro platters.  Locals know about this gem and they tend to have lines, but they are well organized and move quickly.  The favorite when you are starving for a delicious large Greek plate.

Lezzette Mediterranean Cucina. 369 West 34th Street, Hell’s Kitchen, Theater District. A deli style Mediterranean place with tasteful food.  The gyro meat is not on a spit, it is cooked in a skillet with other ingredients resulting in fresh, flavorful and amazing gyros.  Also, check out their salad bar which is full of appetizing sides.

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