10 Best Food Carts & Street Food in New York City

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10 Best Food Carts & Street Food in New York City (10 to 6)

10.  Daisy May’s BBQ Cart50th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues, Midtown.  On the coldest New York winter days, their Texas style chili is the perfect street meal.  True Texas style chili includes all beef, no beans.  It is a quick, hearty meal that will keep you warm.  If you cannot finish it, no worries, save the leftovers.  Chili is one of those few foods that actually tastes better the next day.  If you want to sample more of Daisy May’s BBQ go to their restaurant located on 623 11th Avenue on the corner of 46th Street.

9. The Tamale Lady39th Street, between Park & Madison Avenue, Midtown.  She sits in front of the Mexican embassy in the mornings until she sells out of her famous Mexican tamales.  Tamales are a traditional cuisine in Latin America made of masa , ground corn, and other fillings then wrapped in a corn husk.  The corn husk package is then steamed.  At $1.25 each, you cannot go wrong.  The Tamale Lady usually has a few kinds of tamales including cheese, chicken, and pork along with cold drinks on warm summer days and a hot drink during the wintertime.

8.  Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart46th Street between 5th & 6th Avenue.  The big draw here is the cheapest fried fish sandwich in midtown at $3.50.  The fish sandwich is whiting but you can also order flounder or shrimp.  I would stay away from the beef and other platters here, just grab the fish sandwich for lunch.  Be sure to request hot sauce.

7.    Veronica’s Kitchen Cart125 Front Street, Financial District, Downtown.  If you are exploring or work in the downtown area and are in the mood for a fried chicken lunch then come to Veronica’s Kitchen.  Small plates are $5 and large plates are $7.  Other specialties include jerk chicken, oxtail, and curry goat.  Also good sides, my favorite being the collard greens and mac-n-cheese.  Lines are long during lunchtime hours so it is best to come early.

6.  Hallo Berlin CartNorthwest Corner 54th and 5th Avenue, Midtown.  If you are in the mood for a good street sausage, look no further than Hallo Berlin’s wurst selection.  Forget dirty water dogs, they do not have a single hot dog on the menu.  The sausage selection includes knockfranks, bratwurst, aplenwurst, keilbasa, weisswurst, bauernwurst, and the Berliner, a currywurst.  All wursts come as a plate or on a bun.  Sides include cabbage, sauerkraut, sauteed onions, potato salad, German fries, and German cucumbers.  Also serves daily specials.

10 Best Food Carts & Street Food in New York City (5 to 1)

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