10 Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Manhattan, NYC

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10 Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Manhattan, NYC (10-6)

10.  Café Himalaya. 78 East 1st Street, East VillageCafé Himalaya is a unique Tibetan, Nepalese, Asian vegetarian restaurant.  The food is cheap and good, and the décor is simple.  This is a hole in wall spot that will blow your mind with their ultra low prices and amazing Tibetan Asian fusion menu.  See: 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in New York City

9.  Kuta. 65 Rivington Street, Lower East Side. This New York City Indonesian restaurant hidden in the corner of Rivington and Allen Street in LES has great Southeast Asian food and a romantic, cozy atmosphere.  Order a variety of the satays and you will be pleased with the Asian twist menu Kuta is famous for.

8.  Souen Restaurant. 28 East 13th Street, Greenwich Village, Union Square (closed for renovations until fall 2010); 210 Sixth Avenue, SoHo; 326 East 6th Street, East Village. Souen is another fantastic New York City vegetarian, Asian fusion restaurant.  This restaurant is known for their macrobiotic menu that is healthy and nutritious that vegetarians and vegans will love.  To some, the place may have a unique smell as this is an ultra healthy, green spot.  Souen’s atmosphere is cozy and warm.  The veggies and noodles are favorites here.  Souen is one of the best restaurants for vegetarians and vegans in New York City.  See: 10 Best Vegetarian & Vegan Markets in NYC

7.  Radiance Tea House and Books. 158 West 55th Street, Theater District, Midtown. This spectacular tea house offers plenty of varieties of tea tastings and a full menu of small Chinese dishes with strong taste and presentation to appease anyone.  We love the rice balls, Sichuan Style Spicy Noodles and homemade steamed dumplings.  Check out their book store while you enjoy the this NYC tea shop and Chinese tapas spot.  See: NYC’s 10 Best Coffee Shops & Tea Rooms

6.  Vanessa’s Dumpling House. 118 Eldridge Street, Lower East Side. One of New York City’s best cheap eats.  Order warm dumplings at Vanessa’s Dumpling House for about $1 each.  You will be stunned as how good the food is and how low your bill will be.  Great deal for the big apple.  See: NYC’s 10 Best Free Bar Foods

10 Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Manhattan, NYC (5 to 1)

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