NYC’s Best Bed Bug Exterminators & Bed Bug Inspection Services

NYC’s 10 Best Bed Bug Exterminators We all hear stories of bed bugs in nyc: “This dude/chick I know stayed at […]
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NYC’s 10 Best Bed Bug Exterminators

We all hear stories of bed bugs in nyc:

“This dude/chick I know stayed at someone’s apartment and woke up with bites all over their body” or

“Someone in the building has them”

It never really hits home how bad bed bugs are in nyc until you have them.  I know. I had the horror of having beds bugs in nyc.

My nyc bed bug experience was a combination of laughter, pain, and paranoia.  The apartment management jumped on the problem, as all management should, and set me and my roommate at the time up at a the cheapest hotel on the UWS for a few nights while our place was treated.

The bed bug extermination process is extensive and time consuming.  You have to wash all your clothes in hot water and dry with high heat.  Yes, I ruined some clothes during this process.  I then bagged up all coats and bag up all small clothing items into sealed bags with a powerful insecticide strip the nyc bed bug exterminator told me not to breathe in or touch without gloves.

Did I ever mention that bed bugs are some tough insects?  One bag I opened with that poison strip over three months later seemed fine.  I emptied the contents and sure enough I saw one bed bug slowly crawling along.  I couldn’t believe it!  This critter survived three months without food or water in a sealed bag full of poison that is powerful enough to kill a human!  That was the last bed bug I ever saw alive.

To make a long story short, the nyc bed bug exterminators my landlord hired did their job but the exterminators did manage to crack my wooden bed frame while moving it, even after I asked him to be careful with it. nyc bed bug exterminators use different extermination techniques heat, chemicals, or steam.  do some research into what method you are comfortable with especially if you do not want to introduce powerful chemicals into your living space.

NYC’s Best Bed Bug Detection Services

If you are not sure you have bed bugs, hire a detection service first.  They are discreet and use trained dogs to sniff out the critters.

Bed Bug Inspection Group.  215 S 4th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  (718) 388-8552.

Discreet Bedbug Inspections.  301 W57th Street, Suite 27E, Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West.  (917) 337-3202.

NYC’s Best Bed Bug Exterminators

M&M Pest Control.    (212) 219-8218.  A nyc exterminator who offers green bed bug services.  Based on their inspection using canines, M&M Pest Control uses a custom treatment plan.  For green services, they use thermal heating (heating your living space to 140) and freezing to immediately kills bed bugs and eggs in infected areas.

Alley Cat Exterminating Company.  1865 68th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  (718) 837-1953.  Chemical treatment with a knock down, residual and insect growth regulator.

Green Apple Pest Management Solutions.  4157 Bedford Ave #2F, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.  (718) 873-0763.  Eco friendly  steaming and other low toxicity treatments available with a 6 month guarantee.  Some treatments even offer a year so they definitely stand by their work.  Additional services include clothes laundering, treatment preparation services for your residence, and dog inspections.

My Private Exterminator.  621 St Marks Avenue, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  347-365-2159.  Offer green and chemical pesticide bed bug treatment programs.  Prices for one bedrooms start at $350 with a 90 day warranty.

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