10 Worst Movies Ever Set in New York City

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5.  Look Who’s Talking Too.  1990.  What is more annoying than a baby talking like Bruce Willis?  You guessed it, one that talks like Rosanne.  On the bright side we actually get to see a skinny Kirstie Alley.

4.  Coyote Ugly.  2000.  Was the goal to make a cleaner version of the box office bomb Showgirls?  If so, they succeeded.  At least Showgirls offers nudity.

3.  Elf.  2003.  Will Ferrell is the least grossing multimillion dollar payday movie actor today because he produces garbage like the movie Elf.  Most of his movies suck.  Was this a comedy about an Elf or a tragedy about Will Ferrell?

2.  The Honeymooners2005.  Cedric the Entertainer and Omar Epps play Ralph Cramden and Ed Norton in the movie of the original 1950s show.  It sounded like a good idea but a poorly written script caused the movie to bomb.  Critics hated it nationwide.

1.  End of Days. 1999.  Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in one of the worst movies of all time.  He plays a drunk ex-cop who is on a quest to save the world by protecting Satan from marrying a young woman who will release him from hell.

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