10 Best New York City TV Shows to Be an Audience Member

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NYC is home to some of broadcast television and cable’s best shows.  Come see one live as a member of the studio audience.  You often need to call or reserve tickets online months in advance.

10.  Martha Stewart Show221 West 26th Street (between Seventh and Eighth avenues).    Sorry Martha does sit around and tell stories about her time locked up on the Martha Stewart Show.  She hosts this daytime cooking and home show with how to segments and special celebrity guests.  She focuses on food, home decor, crafts, gardening, and more.  Go to the request form at MarthaStewart.com/get-tickets for tickets.

9. The View320 West 66th Street, ABC.  A female prospective on today’s events and news.  This show is for the ladies.  Current hosts are Barbara Walters, Whoopie Goldburg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepherd.  For tickets go to www.theview.abc.go.com/tickets

8.  The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert513 West 54th, Midtown.  A direct spin off of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart except Colbert plays a caricature of a right winged, highly conservative Republican.  Another sharp political satire show at 11:30pm after Stewart’s show on Comedy Central.  The Colbert Report mocks conservative shows like the O’Reilly Factor on Fox.  The hardest show to get tickets right now.  Sometimes an unrelated musical guest gives a performance which has nothing to do with US politics or the show.  Become part of the Colbert Nation and audience member by visiting www.colbertnation.com/tickets

7.  The Today Show. 30 Rockefeller Plaza, 1A, Rockefeller Center.  The Today Show, NBC’s four hour morning show, has been broadcast since the 195os and is on tv from 7am to 11am Monday through Friday.  The number one morning show in the US.  Hosts include Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Ann Curry, and Al Roker.  No in studio audience.  For a chance to get on TV during the taping of The Today Show, stand outside in Rockefeller Plaza against the studio glass.

6.  Good Morning AmericaABC’s Times Square Studios (building with live ticker and mega video screen in Times Square) 1500 Broadway, Times Square.  Competes directly with NBC’s The Today Show.  Like the Today Show, they allow crowds to gather outside the studio and to get a good chance to get on tv you need to be against the studio glass during taping.

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